Thursday, March 19, 2009

Je suis un amoureuse

Je suis un amoureuse. Yes, I am a lover, especially of beautiful things. Who isn't?

Christmas time in Paris is magical. But more than any other place, walking on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, or the Elysian Fields, encompasses the feeling more than anything. In France, it is le plus belle avenue du monde, or the most beautiful avenue in the world, and I think no one can possibly argue. You can walk from the east, from the Place de la Concorde (which has the obelisk that marks it), through the avenue, until the west side of the avenue to the Place de l'Étoile, the turnabout where 12 avenues meet (hence its name as the "Star Place"), the middle of which is the Arc de Troimphe.

If you would enter from the west, through the Arc de Triomphe, perhaps you can have the full effect of what Parisians say, at this point, you are entering paradise. The "Arc of Triumph" is what Napolean built after the war to honor his victories and pay tribute to the many unknown soldiers of WWI.During Christmas, all the lights that line up the north and south side of the avenue are lit with blue lights. The scene is absolutely bewitching.

Even during non-Christmas season, my sister thought walking quietly through the route, with the sprinkling rain, was one of her most spellbinding experiences.

With some of the highest rent in the world, only the best stores and restaurants line the street--although in recent years, there seem to be some tasteless additions such as Abercrombie and Fitch. However, you can spot the most glorious of the Louis Vuitton stores, where you can find the best of travel-goods, pricey terrace restaurants that hold dishes that seem undoubtedly savory, the French auto Renault's speed racer car expo and even a Quick (the French equivalent of McDonald's) and Le Petit Brioche (a pastry goods chain) all on this enormous street.
It is some people's shopping haven (or heaven). I would love to be one of the those people, but until then, a girl can dream...


  1. What an amazing description! You have transported me to Christmastime in Paris. It seems so lovely and romantic... and your pictures are beautiful! Did you take them yourself??

  2. I took many of them, but some of them (the two above the last one) I got online, as well.