Monday, February 16, 2009

Salut á Paris!


Since it is the week of Valentine’s Day, I thought I could begin only by talking about city of love, Paris (make sure you mentally pronounce this as PAR-eey for full emphasis). Not only have I had a tragic love affair with the city itself, but also a heartbreak that will forever associate Paris with a bittersweet taste. This seems only natural if you think of the abundance of inexpensive and delicious red wine at your disposal in this city!

I would wander through this city at least once a month since I lived only an hour away with the fast train--the TGV. In fact, it was exactly one year ago that I was making one of these monthly excursions.

Although each time was momentous and electrifying in its own way, this particular weekend was going to be unparalleled; I just knew it. A "special friend" from Ireland was coming to visit and I was ready for a dash of romance in my life, though I was not looking for what it would eventually become. Namely, I wanted a foreign fling during my fleeting time there, and hopefully with someone who was not going to pronounce his love for me on the first date (Oh Tomas, if only you didn’t have to be so French!) Don't get me wrong, the gesture was appreciated, just a tad bit strange for my American tastes. So, hopefully, Irish here would pick up on the alliteration and take a hint. Where better to have a rendez-vous since our first meeting in NYC?

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  1. You are such an amazing writer...weird how some men can never express their feelings or even get to saying the 'L' word...and some just say it to soon....*sigh* MEN...some get it and some dont!!! thats why i hooked the one who did ;) I did not let him get away!!!

    Now we've been married for almost two years!!! who would have thought!!!